The field of wearable technologies is rapidly growing and textiles play a key role in the proliferation of wearables

Textiles play a key role in facilitating this revolution by supplying wearable manufacturers with solutions that make it possible to fixate wearable technologies on the human body. At Tytex we are able to help you succeed in the wearables market by supplying you with textiles perfectly suited for fixation purposes. 


For more than five decades we have developed, manufactured and brought to market textiles for both niche markets and for large scale production used in hospitals and nursing homes. Tytex practically invented the two-piece hospital fixation pant for incontinence care but the portfolio extends to solutions within wearables, wound dressings and IV-fixation. Yes, we can actually fixate just about anything to the human body by way of using textiles.


Unique production facilities providing maximum creative freedom

We know how to make innovative, comfortable and durable textile solutions for fixation purposes. Products from Tytex are designed to give the users active lives and we develop all products with functionality, comfort and durability in mind. We are able to develop solutions to both body and limb sizes and to any type of body anatomy. The unique production set up employed at Tytex allows for manufacturing of products to almost any demands in regards to elasticity, colour, material and price. Our advanced facilities also enable our customers to chose from a myriad of solutions like special knitting structures, welding and many other solutions which gives the customers ultimate freedom in regards to fixational needs.


Let's start talking about your needs

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An active and innovative partner eager to meet and exceed your expectations

We are an active and innovative partner able to develop strong concepts and textile solutions for you. Should your company have a unique concept which ultimately needs to be fixated to the human body we have a dedicated R&D department ready to listen to your needs. 


We guarantee you, we will supply you with groundbreaking textile solutions perfectly supplementing your wearable technology or other fixational needs.


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We adhere to and are certified according to the strictest medical requirements

Special VR headsets, health monitoring solutions for toddlers or something completely different


You have a vision and the perfect technology – you only need a medium by which you can fixate your wearable on the human body. At Tytex we can help you do just that. With more than five decades of experience in developing, designing and manufacturing fixation textiles we posses the knowledge required to fixate just about anything on the human body by way of using textiles. 


Key questions to consider

When using textiles on the human body there are a myriad of aspects to consider. How will the skin react to the textile which is applied? Which part of the body is the textile applied to? Are there any special aspects which needs extra consideration when using a textile solution at special areas of the human body?

And what about the device you want to fixate — does it need to be shielded against moisture? Does the device have unique dimensions which needs to be taken into consideration? What about the weight — will the weight cause challenges when designing the textile?

These questions and many more need to be asked and answered when designing the optimal solution for your device. At Tytex we know which questions to ask and we have the capabilities, experience and people needed to answer these question. We also have the technology available to address any challenges encountered when designing any kind of textile solution. 

Technology perfectly fitted to develop for any solutions applied to body and limbs

All the solutions we have made for our partners are made of a comfortable and skin-friendly material which allows the skin to breathe as well as reduce the impact of sweating. We are able to make textile solutions to any part of the body — be it the smallest limb or around the torso of a large man. The technologies we apply allows us to make garments which incorporate 4-way stretch capabilities. This makes us able to manufacture solutions that gives flexibility when applied on joints or on skin surrounding ligaments. The solutions also offers adaptability when applied to parts of the body where the respiratory system is a key factor to consider.  

Another key factor when designing textile solutions intended to be integrated with wearable technologies is the ability to manufacture seamless end products. 



The device which is to be worn on the body needs in some way to be cinched, sealed or fastened within the textile solution. This can — with traditional textile technologies — result in seams. Seams can result in discomfort for the user. With seamless technology all the negative aspects of seams are completely avoided. Moreover, the technologies we employ allow us to manufacture textiles which have the so-called fact-based sizing incorporated. Based on statistical insights and modeling combined with deep textile property insights and an intricate production set up we are able to manufacture solutions which fit and feels comfortable with the lowest possible amount of SKU's.



We create medical garments tailored to your company's reality


At Tytex we help medical garment companies succeed in realizing their potential. We are experts in creating garment and textile solutions which solve your needs. In order to solve our partners business cases we leverage our extensive know how regarding garment and textile manufacturing and we serve both some of the largest brands in the world as well as small operations. We also assist our partners with support activities in order for them to be able to focus on their core competences.


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What I most enjoy when making garment and textile solutions for our partners is the creative aspect


When we start working on a new solution for our partners it is very liberating to listen to all the great ideas and thoughts that the customer has put into the new solution. Transforming all these ideas into a viable and tangible solution for the benefit of both the customer but also the end user is a very enjoyable undertaking for me.

The use situations, the medical indication, price point as well as market idiosyncrasies all have to be taken into consideration when starting to create a solution. After having a clear picture of these variables me and the rest of the team start considering the optimal mix of technology, materials, accessories and special treatments. Being able to come up with the right solution based on all the pieces of the puzzle is just a great pleasure for me. 





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