In order to sell your garments you need appealing packaging and correct IFU's as well as labeling

You are dedicated regarding your garments and you have a lot of satisfied customers. But in order to get the products in front of the end users and for them to move the products of the shelves you need appealing packaging and correct labeling.

If you need external assistance regarding graphic design, photo material, medical regulatory assistance in regards to understanding the overall framework, best practice or general sparring on implications of current and relevant legislation Tytex has dedicated teams for all of the above-mentioned. Moreover, we are able to help you devise IFU's in any language and to any market you are active on and within the framework of medical compliance. Also, we have in-house labeling capabilities, we have close partnerships with many printing houses and photographers. This set up enable us to customised any packaging solution you may wish or assist you during the entire process of developing, designing and producing your packaging and packaging related material.

We recommend delivering in FSC certified forest sourced solutions due to our commitment to working as sustainably viable as possible but we can provide and assist in accordance with any requirements our partners may have. We have numerous standard packaging and IFU designs ready but are also able to customised to any exigencies of our partners where volumes allow. 

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We adhere to and are certified according to the strictest medical requirements

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