Maternity garments are a specially interesting category within medical garments and textiles space


Maternity garments are especially interesting. Products within this category needs not only to be of high quality they also need to have highly unique features integrated and they therefore positively challenge designers in many  ways. Moreover, garments within the maternity space also need to be fashionable. These garments are worn by young and modern consumers to whom comfort, performance as well as appearance are key parameters. You need a wide variety of designs to be a serious maternity brand and your garments need to be made in a multitude of colours and styles which speak the demanding younger generation in widely varying parts of the globe. 

Comfort is also of crucial importance

Young women are however not only highly selective when it comes to style. They demand a high degree of comfort in the maternity clothing they are wearing. The garments might need to support the body in special areas yet feel light and airy at other parts of the body. The garments need to be highly breathable in some parts yet providing protection against cold in other places. The garments always need to be made in high quality materials without any harmful substances. All these factors and many more need to be considered when developing, designing and manufacturing maternity garments and shaping wear. 


At Tytex we have expert knowledge about the human body, about textile and garment design, about fashion, about the medical sector and about textile manufacturing. We can help you succeed in the very dynamic and interesting maternity garment industry.

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We create medical garments tailored to your company's reality


At Tytex we help medical garment companies succeed in realizing their potential. We are experts in creating garment and textile solutions which solve your needs. In order to solve our partners business cases we leverage our extensive know how regarding garment and textile manufacturing and we serve both some of the largest brands in the world as well as small operations. We also assist our partners with support activities in order for them to be able to focus on their core competences.


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Your one stop maternity garment partner


Tytex operates globally and has more than 50 years' experience manufacturing maternity textiles to some of the largest maternity brands on the global market. Tytex is an expert in designing, developing and manufacturing seamless textiles and ensure the reliable, high quality of our offerings by continually monitoring our processes and procedures.

Tytex is also deeply committed to the environment. We constantly monitor the environmental impact of our activities. We comply with all relevant legislations. We are ISO 14001-certified as well as ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, and we hold Oeko-Tex certificates for all our products. Tytex has own EU production securing the supply chain with dedicated professionals. R&D team accounts for designers, textile experts and engineers. Every step from idea to implementation is closely followed and documented to the benefit of our customers.


A wide range of maternity solutions possible

Throughout the long history of Tytex many partner solutions have been developed, design and manufactured. Regular pregnancy garments have been made. All our pregnancy products have been made leveraging our key capabilities and provide special features securing optimal comfort, integrated support and materials which offer expansion and stretch ability again enhancing comfort to the wearer as the body grows.

Tytex has also developed, designed and manufactured nursing wear for many of our partners. This sub category of products offers features like adjustable straps, drop cup with smart opening systems and integrated inner cups for support where needed. We have designed after birth products specially designed for the specific needs after birth and these products can feature a number of special attributes such as built-in easy access points for breast pump systems or enhanced cushioning properties. Moreover, designs have been made especially for postnatal reshape wear. These solutions are designed to offer special support to the body and assisting in the natural recovery after birth. Absorb solutions have also been developed where the garment or textile solution is made to enhance the absorb qualities and contain leaking.

Massive design liberty

As already underpinned the modern mothers are fashion savvy and demanding. They want the right designs for their maternity garments. At Tytex we have a lot of experience in creating garments which speak to the modern consumer and we have made a wide range of solutions 

covering bras, underwear, camisoles, tank tops, belts and many other designs. The experience we have in developing, designing and manufacturing will benefit all future partners. We will be able to customise garments to any design ideas you might have and we will also offer you advice, best practice insight and general insight which will only impact the final product in a beneficial way and help you achieve excellent solutions to the benefit of your customers. We can also manufacture your garments in any colours and sizes you want. You can also have your garments feature special textures, special designs like logos or lace solutions.


Really unique features of garments developed together with Tytex

When you choose to partner with Tytex you are offered maternity garment solutions which features 4-way stretch. This feature as well as the unique seamless technology ensures that garment will adapt to the body shape at all times and that the mother will feel the best possible comfort at all times by wearing garment which feels smooth and soft as well as have no seams which can be frustrating to lay or sit on. The targeted support features available makes our partners are able to offer their customers garments which actively support critical areas of the body in relation to maternity garments such as the lower part of the belly.    

When it comes to maternity garments, no size fits all. Some mothers can be more challenging to fit correctly. Moreover, body shapes and sizes vary significantly. The body sizes also naturally change during and after pregnancy. Adjustments to garments need to be performed continuously and a variety of sizes needs to be available to the end users. That is why all products developed and customised by Tytex and partners are made in sizes which are based on three parameters; statistical body knowledge, comfort stretch measurements as well as extensive knowledge and experience with a variety of knitting methods applied to different materials. The combination of these three parameters forms the basis for sizing at Tytex and they ensure mothers will experience perfect fit at all times as well as a minimal need for adjustments. Moreover, these factors allows for minimal amount of SKU's at a manufacturer level.

All in all the maternity garment development possibilities with Tytex are many and we offer our partners flexible product offerings with great variety and vast opportunities for customisation. 

We adhere to and are certified according to the strictest medical requirements

Customisation options in maternity category


  • Breathability

  • Permeability

  • Moisture Transport

  • Elasticity

  • Compression



  • Massage Affects

  • Absorb Technology

  • New Yarn  S-Bamboo

  • Additive Treatments


  • Textile Structure

  • Visual Effect

  • Accessories

  • Patterns

  • Logo



  • Basic and Sustainable Approach

  • Retail and Omni Channel Solutions


The really unique features of our garments

four way stretch; 4-way stretch; medical


The textile will adapt to the body shape at all times ensuring that the product will provide the necessary compression needed for recovery, as well as the best possible comfort at all times during prolonged wear.

Targeted compression
and support

Targeted compression and support means that our partners' products are designed to provide the necessary compression and support exactly where needed. By controlling compression on the scar tissue, the healing process advances faster and patient comfort is heightened. The compression zones are specially designed into each product based on indication.


For optimum healing, the surgery site needs rest. That is why products from Tytex and our partners are designed to guarantee no seams in the wound or scar area and at any other critical sites of the applied area. This provides maximum skin friendliness and prevents pressure marks, as well as irritation of skin and tissue.


When it comes to medical textiles and post-op garments, no size fits all. That is why we base all sizes on three parametres; statistical body knowledge, comfort stretch measurements and extensive knowledge and experience with the combination of knitting methods in different materials. The combination of these 3 parameters ensures perfect fit at all times.


Understanding the customers reality and basing decisions and advice on the customer as well as in-depth professional knowledge


At Tytex we pride ourselves in our ability to asking the right questions to the customer and basing our advice and solutions on two things - customer input and professional knowledge. 

Our customers usually have very clear ideas about the product they want to bring to market. They know they want a certain garment or textile for a particular clinical indication in a particular colour at a specific price point. My job is to translate these certainties into a space of opportunities. But our customers also appreciate being challenged. If we do X we can also achieve Y. We listen, we challenge and we come up with solutions and then we manufacture the solutions. 






Long term relationships formed by high professionalism and genuine problem solving

care; medical; tytex


The needs of our stakeholders – our customers, our users, our employees, society and the environment – guides us in everything do.

trust; medical; customised by tytex


We seek to be a reliable partner in all our dealings and to earn the confidence of our customers and users.

innovation; garments; medical


We strive to be at the forefront of our field by listening to the needs of our partners and users, by constantly improving our products and processes, and by attracting and retaining highly skilled and motivated employees.

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We insist on developing superior products of the highest quality and to exercise best practice in all we do.

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