Wound care: dressing & iv fixation solutions


Wound sites must be protected from pathogens and further injury in order to promote healing and IV needles need to be held securely in place to protect against infection and minimize bleeding.

When designing garments and textiles for this unique business area you need to leverage specialist knowledge regarding blood flow, anatomy and virology as well as garment design and manufacturing processes. The skin is a barrier to the outside world protecting the body from infection, radiation, and extremes of temperature. A wound is defined as an injury, in which the skin is torn, pierced, cut, or otherwise broken. So, dressing and fixations design needs to assist in keeping the wound area free from infectious agents. They need to respect the body functions like respiration and they need to be designed to be comfortable, breathable and not inhibit blood flow. At the same time they need to be held in place at the affected area as well as fixate a bandage, a dressing or an IV needle or catheter.

At Tytex we have the capabilities to answer the good questions

All these factors and more needs to be considered and all the right questions needs to be asked when designing dressing and fixation solutions. Where is the solution going to be placed? Which indication is the solution going to be addressing? What are the price points to aim for? At Tytex we have the medical experts able to ask and answer these questions, the Project Managers and designers able to develop and design products based on medical findings as well as the production facilities able to manufacture the final designs.  

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We adhere to and are certified according to the strictest medical requirements

Off the shelf versatile solutions in basic designs for a multitude purposes

Wound care products from Tytex serve as both two-piece fixation solutions or single-piece products featuring absorb functionalities if needed. We currently provide a wide range of elastic dressing and fixation solutions. The solutions are designed and developed to hold IV-catheters and work as bandages or surgical dressings. So with Tytex your company can access basic designs for wound dressing on fingers, toes, head, arms and legs as well as solutions for IV fixation — suitable for hands, arms and feet. All products within each of these categories are carefully developed and crafted to fit specific body parts and the products will therefore stay in place and feel comfortable to wear for any body type and a multitude of indications. We can thus provide basic design solutions made for both body and limb sizes or pre-cut and ready-to-use as gauze. All textiles and garments are designed to be easy to apply and made for easy access to critical areas. Moreover, all garments and textiles from Tytex are flexible, breathable, comfortable and soft to the skin. 

Customised solutions for any eventuality

Many of our partners also have ideas for unique designs for special segments and audiences. For them we develop a wide range of customised textile and garment solutions based on the extensive 

medical and design knowledge and know how within textile manufacturing. The wide range of already developed and marketed customised solutions are fixation like plasters and bandages with easy placement and adhesive optimisation. The solution can be standalone or be used in combination with other elements — e.g. to hold surgical dressings in place without tape. 

The already co-developed solutions have also been centered on providing optimal wound integrity. We have developed unique products with anti-bacterial qualities which reduce risk of infection caused by bacterial growth in the wound providing optimal conditions for healing as well as cost-effectiveness through reduced change frequency.


At Tytex we are always able to find a solution

Above-mentioned were only meant as inspiration. We are willing and able to solve almost any wound dressing and fixation ideas a potential partner might have. Additional functionalities we can provide in the customised solutions we can develop for you are: single product solutions for both body and limb sizes objects, products designed for optimal comfort with high degree of elasticity.

Your customised products from Tytex will be Oeko-Tex certified and made from washable, breathable, latex free and skin friendly materials. We look forward to discussing your needs in further detail. 

The really unique features of our garments

four way stretch; 4-way stretch; medical


The textile will adapt to the body shape at all times ensuring that the product will provide the necessary compression needed for recovery, as well as the best possible comfort at all times during prolonged wear.

Targeted compression
and support

Targeted compression and support means that our partners' products are designed to provide the necessary compression and support exactly where needed. By controlling compression on the scar tissue, the healing process advances faster and patient comfort is heightened. The compression zones are specially designed into each product based on indication.


For optimum healing, the surgery site needs rest. That is why products from Tytex and our partners are designed to guarantee no seams in the wound or scar area and at any other critical sites of the applied area. This provides maximum skin friendliness and prevents pressure marks, as well as irritation of skin and tissue.


When it comes to medical textiles and post-op garments, no size fits all. That is why we base all sizes on three parametres; statistical body knowledge, comfort stretch measurements and extensive knowledge and experience with the combination of knitting methods in different materials. The combination of these 3 parameters ensures perfect fit at all times.

Case: R&D - partner solution resulted in short time to market and competitive assortment


A customer was spending many R&D resources to remain continuously updated on textile solutions which overall represented a small part of the company’s revenue. Despite allocating resources to this area they still trailed behind competition and was also lacking resources for main focus areas.


A broad-based medical garment and textile partnership agreement with Tytex was agreed upon. The agreement was centered on general market trend update meetings with the Tytex's team - a team who attend a multitude of trade shows and seminars around the world and who continuously are carrying out desk research and studying general market trends. On a consultancy basis the Tytex team offers the customer regularly sparring and is being involved early in new product development projects.


This agreement enabled the customer to significantly reduce product development time as well as time to market by getting solutions right the first time. Moreover, the customer built a more competitive and best in class product portfolio. Lastly, the customer freed up R&D resources — engineer hours as well as financial funds — which we immediately reallocated in high growth focus areas.


We create medical garments tailored to your company's reality


At Tytex we help medical garment companies succeed in realizing their potential. We are experts in creating garment and textile solutions which solve your needs. In order to solve our partners business cases we leverage our extensive know how regarding garment and textile manufacturing and we serve both some of the largest brands in the world as well as small operations. We also assist our partners with support activities in order for them to be able to focus on their core competences.


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