Once a design is finished the hand-over to manufacturing should not be burdensome!


One of the truly distinguishing features of the cooperation between our customers and us is the fact that we are an end-to-end supplier of medical garments and textiles.

When our customers choose to work with us one of the truly value-adding features they benefit from is the fact that Tytex can - when needed - handle all processes from design, product development, sampling, procurement, manufacturing, packaging and shipping. We are what in the industry is known as full service or full package operation and offer the full range of services required in order to create advanced medical garment and textile solutions from start to finish. 


All we require from our customers

When working with us all we require from our partners is a vision and sketches or reference samples of design as well as target price points. From there, we can — should our partners want us to — take over the hole design, sampling and manufacturing process and customers only have to approve our proposals at specified stages throughout the product and sample development as well as the production process.

Let's start talking about your needs

Should your medical garment brand wish to engage in further dialogue regarding your business needs, please fill out the form below and one of our Key Account Managers will be in contact with you shortly.

The benefits of working with a full service provider

The benefits of working with a full service provider are that all process and services are gathered in one place. The customers can focus on what they do best and they do not have to follow up with multiple vendors or manage other microscale practicalities. Project managing of development and production processes are left to us and our customers are appointed with a proactive Key Account Manager as point of contact. 

Another great advantage is, that when the design and sampling processes are finished the customer does not have to initiate



communication with a manufacturer who then needs to maybe frustrate the designs or make expensive workarounds in order to fulfill the basics of developed designs. The employees at Tytex working with our customers projects are close to production, close to engineering and close to the customers. 0-series is run, all materials are procured and production time is scheduled once a design is released for manufacturing.   

We adhere to and are certified according to the strictest medical requirements

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We create medical garments tailored to your company's reality


At Tytex we help medical garment companies succeed in realizing their potential. We are experts in creating garment and textile solutions which solve your needs. In order to solve our partners business cases we leverage our extensive know how regarding garment and textile manufacturing and we serve both some of the largest brands in the world as well as small operations. We also assist our partners with support activities in order for them to be able to focus on their core competences.


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