A rapidly growing market where new solutions are continuously emerging 


The market for wearable devices for medical uses is continuously growing and demand for innovative products in the personalized care category is increasing rapidly. Current technologies in the market space which need to be fixated are for instance electromagnetic pain management solutions, electrodes for diagnostics, sensors which monitor and provide data feedback in relations to heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar or skin pressure and more. Moreover, drug delivery devices for diabetics or cardiovascular disease patients as well as IV's need to be fixated. 

Development process is crucial

The development and design of fixation solutions for wearable medical devices is challenging and requires careful consideration due to the nature of human skin and the characteristics of the specific device. When designing them careful consideration needs to be given a multitude of variables such as wear time, positioning on body, use situation, cushioning under the device, anchoring for preventing accidental removal of device and many more. Yet, knowing what to design for is not enough. It is also crucially important that a design can be manufactured and marketed. 

At Tytex we are experts in developing, designing, manufacturing and bringing to market complex fixation garment and textile solutions. Please fill out the form on the right, if you wish us to contact you regarding future cooperation possibilities.


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We adhere to and are certified according to the strictest medical requirements


Case: fixation briefs - complete retail concept enabled market test prior to launch


A customer is interested in going into retail, however, the customer was uncertain of the market potential. The customer had a sales force for the segment, but no product. The customer requested help in the areas of market insight and data analysis, idea generation for ideal product and packaging response to market insight and establishing unique selling points.


To investigate the potential, Tytex offered the customer test run with a Tytex branded product. This way the customer could explore the sales channel in his geographical region, before making the final decision.


Tytex provided the customer with a ready-to-sell concept, enabling the customer to start test sales of the new product right away. Test sales were positive and customer ended up launching own private label version of the product rapidly.




We create medical garments tailored to your company's reality


At Tytex we help medical garment companies succeed in realizing their potential. We are experts in creating garment and textile solutions which solve your needs. In order to solve our partners business cases we leverage our extensive know how regarding garment and textile manufacturing and we serve both some of the largest brands in the world as well as small operations. We also assist our partners with support activities in order for them to be able to focus on their core competences.


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Being at the forefront of medical garment and textile development and manufacturing obligates


At Tytex we develop and manufacture medical garments and textiles for some of the biggest medical brands in the world and ultimately we create products for people with special conditions which can make life more difficult for them.


These conditions mean that we have to always be on the top of our game. We have to constantly challenge conventions, constantly keep moving and constantly optimise our production and manufacturing facilities as well as the people working there. We see this as our responsibility and we take this responsibility very serious. The partners who chose to work with us will be met by experts who are always seeking excellence. Moreover, with us our partners find manufacturing capabilities which are always at the forefront of medical garment and textile development.






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