Innovative and customised orthopedic solutions  


Orthopaedia is the branch of medicine concerned with the correction and prevention of deformities, disorders as well as injuries of the skeleton and related structures. This area of medicine focuses on the study and treatment of the musculoskeletal system – distinctly joints, spine and muscles.

Orthopedic care can employ various pain management techniques, manual treatment, physical therapy, and bracing to treat a of variety dysfunctions including hip fractures, back pain, scoliosis, and joint dysfunction.

The need for viable solutions within this area has never been greater. As the population, in most developed countries, is aging and many of the younger generations are leading lives which can lead to a variety of damages to the body – e.g. torn cuffs, dislocation, tendonitis, sprain and arthritis – the market for solutions to clinical indications relating to orthopedic care is growing rapidly. 

Tytex can assist your company with developing advanced ortho solutions

At Tytex we have the possibility to develop a variety of solutions which assist our customers to cater to this growing, demanding and innovative market space. Among the solutions we have created are shoulder braces and support sleeves, back support solutions, elbow protectors and cushions, finger fracture braces and protectors, knee pads, ankle braces and wheel chair cushions. For most of our solutions within this area we apply our innovative and trademarked AirX® technology.

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We adhere to and are certified according to the strictest medical requirements

Possibilities for creating a wide range of flexible high-performance solutions with AirX®

The use of neoprene in medical devices like bandages, orthotics, prosthetics, sleeves and liners is widespread due to lucrative costs. However, it’s also a known fact that neoprene has some not so nice features, particularly around breathability and moisture building which has a negative impact on user comfort.

AirX® spacer material is an innovative, latex-free alternative to neoprene, foam and elastics. By using AirX® spacer textiles you will lift your medical devices or rehab-products to the next level in terms of user comfort, as it is highly breathable, and supplies a comfortable feel on the skin, leading to increased patient comfort and compliance. AirX® offers the support without the issues of moisture build-up.

AirX® is a Danish technology with a positive track record of more than 20 years for flexible high yielding knitting capabilities.


Unparalled control of properties

AirX® is highly flexible in regards to integrating a wide variety of properties. Our customer-base is very diverse and has many different needs. They are dependent on our ability to comply. With AirX® we have unrivaled possibilities. We can control the compression level of the garment – overall or targeted. We can adjust the thickness and texture of each side as well as the stretch and recovery properties of the garment. The softness and the air permeability of the end solution can be varied to fit the specific use situation thereby adding comfort to the user. The end product can be customised to your specifications in terms of design, colours, patterns and texture and logos and other aesthetics can also be applied.















Possibilities for add-ons

The technological platform Tytex employs allows our customers to choose from a wide variety of additional properties such as derma friendly features, specific thermal characteristics, anti bacterial attributes, special stretch and elongation qualities. Moreover, we can supply our customers with almost any kind of yarns to order – e.g. polyester, polyamide, wool, cotton, viscose, acetate, tencel and bamboo.


Please contact us if your need set is not listed above. We are always able and willing to find innovative textile and garment solutions to our partners' challenges.


We create medical garments tailored to your company's reality


At Tytex we help medical garment companies succeed in realizing their potential. We are experts in creating garment and textile solutions which solve your needs. In order to solve our partners business cases we leverage our extensive know how regarding garment and textile manufacturing and we serve both some of the largest brands in the world as well as small operations. We also assist our partners with support activities in order for them to be able to focus on their core competences.


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Experience, technology, prototyping and testing - with these principles we can create any garments our customers need


At Tytex we have more than five decades of experience with designing, developing and manufacturing high performance medical garments and textiles. Knowing exactly how to develop garments and textiles which will be approved by the various governing bodies is of course of paramount importance in order to succeed in the market. We know the processes involved and are able to help our partners in relation to navigating the regulatory environment and ensuring the proper approvals at the right time.

We know how to design garments so that the end user feels comfortable wearing them. Moreover, we are able to employ and mix a variety of variables in order to make the garments both functional and effective in regards to the specific clinical indication it is designed to address. Moreover, drawing on experts within a multitude of fields allows us to think holistically about the specific solutions we are developing. Our regulatory staff is acutely aware of the aspects we need to focus on in regards being able to market a product on the respective markets we will launch the product on. Our R&D staff as well as our designers knows how to develop for maximum comfort and user compliance. And our engineers and manufacturing staff are ensuring that we develop within the manufacturing capabilities and in order to optimise manufacturing as well as reduce costs and waste. 


Developing prototypes and testing on these allows us to create high performance products in accordance with our customers' specifications. In the prototyping phase we rigorously test and meticulously report back to customers in order to find the optimal solution for the customer and ultimately a superior user experience.  

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Prototyping and testing

Building prototypes and advanced models is an essential constituent of our design process — after having decided on the overall framework. Prototyping and testing are processes employed in order to assist our designers in understanding specific challenges of a certain garment or textile solution better. We also use the prototyping process to explore new and imaginative solutions as well as examine human interaction more in depth and here investigate and test functionality. By way of this approach we thus achieve a multitude of beneficial aspects in regards to the design process. 

To clarify we could look at examples of where we have used these processes in order to create high performance medical garments which are aligned with our customers' specifications and are optimised for maximum user comfort and compliance. 


A multitude of solutions with a variety idiosyncrasies

At Tytex we have developed a multitude of ortho solutions for our customers. We have developed shoulder braces and support sleeves, back support solutions, elbow protectors and cushions, finger fracture braces and protectors, knee pads, ankle braces and wheel chair cushions. All of these solutions are addressing different clinical indications and have their own built-in logics. A shoulder brace needs to stabilise, support and protect the shoulder and offer maximum conditions for healing and patient comfort. However, the garment also needs to target a specific 


price point, offer the ability for the user to shower or sleep undisturbed. Also, it must be able to be designed so it addresses the fact that there will be under arm wicking and the fact that the shoulder is a highly flexible joint. We need to understand the joint and the way is moves. We need to understand the needs of the user and we need to be able to develop and manufacture solutions which most favorably address all the idiosyncrasies of a fractured or dislocated shoulder as well as the market characteristics and use situation. 

Back support solutions can also serve a multitude of purposes. They can offer stability, they can offer fixation or they can offer corrective properties. No matter what the purpose of the garment we need to design in order not to inhibit breathing and overall comfort. Depending on the clinical indication there might be a need for developing targeted compression in some areas of the garments. And we then need to understand how this will effect overall comfort but also how this will effect various users – women, men, children as well as different body types e.g. ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph body types. All these aspects are being tested and optimised for during the prototyping and testing phase. This rigorous phase of getting closer and closer to the problem and user is applied whenever we develop garments at Tytex – be it for elbow protectors, finger fracture braces or breast recovery bras. We always optimise for optimal customer satisfaction and user comfort. 


Long term relationships formed by high professionalism and genuine problem solving

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The needs of our stakeholders – our customers, our users, our employees, society and the environment – guides us in everything do.

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We seek to be a reliable partner in all our dealings and to earn the confidence of our customers and users.

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We strive to be at the forefront of our field by listening to the needs of our partners and users, by constantly improving our products and processes, and by attracting and retaining highly skilled and motivated employees.

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We insist on developing superior products of the highest quality and to exercise best practice in all we do.

Case study: Safehip® – innovative and clinically tried, tested and proven hip protector solution 


The solution

Tytex was the first company to develop hip protectors in collaboration with doctors. In 1993, Safehip® is the first hip protector launched on the market. It provided an innovation solution to be applied as part of a fall prevention strategy. Continuous improvements and innovations has been made to the initial product based on innovations in manufacturing, input from user and medical staff all over the world and Safehip® is now available – with patented horseshoe technology – in retail and through an intricate distributor network all over the globe.

The horseshoe-shaped protectors follow the body's natural shape and are able to not only reduce the impact exerted on the hip in case of a fall but also – due to the innovative design – dissipate the force of impact to the surrounding soft parts of the body. Since 2008 this patented hip protector has been available in comfortable and discrete 100% textile AirX® material. 


The process

Developing the Safehip® to the level of advancement it is today has been a long and interesting journey. The first protector – the hard shield – was developed in 1993. This product was developed in co-operation with the Danish doctor, Jes Bruun Lauritsen. After many tests and trials this product was brought to market and became an immediate success. Even though the hard shield hip protector was a great market input also indicated room for improvement. Work was started on a lighter and softer version and in 2006 the so called soft shield – the first horseshoe design – was launched. During the development phase of this product assistance from experts Professor Steve Robinovitch, Helena Peters and Jes Bruun Lauritsen was used in the design and development phase. In 2008 – after further design and development revision – the Safehip AirX® was introduced worldwide with great success.


Of course not all products within the Tytex portfolio undergo as much trial, testing and development as the Safehip® does. However, this case serves to show that a good idea can become a viable and popular solution – to very serious challenge which is only increasingly putting pressure on the public health sectors in many developed countries – and through rigorous development stand the test of time.


Clinically proven effectiveness

The effectiveness of Safehip® has been tried, tested and proven in several studies worldwide and studies have thus been based on statistical material involving in excess of 7,000 patients. 

The really unique features of our garments

four way stretch; 4-way stretch; medical


The textile will adapt to the body shape at all times ensuring that the product will provide the necessary compression needed for recovery, as well as the best possible comfort at all times during prolonged wear.

Targeted compression
and support

Targeted compression and support means that our partners' products are designed to provide the necessary compression and support exactly where needed. By controlling compression on the scar tissue, the healing process advances faster and patient comfort is heightened. The compression zones are specially designed into each product based on indication.


For optimum healing, the surgery site needs rest. That is why products from Tytex and our partners are designed to guarantee no seams in the wound or scar area and at any other critical sites of the applied area. This provides maximum skin friendliness and prevents pressure marks, as well as irritation of skin and tissue.


When it comes to medical textiles and post-op garments, no size fits all. That is why we base all sizes on three parametres; statistical body knowledge, comfort stretch measurements and extensive knowledge and experience with the combination of knitting methods in different materials. The combination of these 3 parameters ensures perfect fit at all times.



When partnering with Tytex your medical garments and textile solutions are in good hands


At Tytex we make our partners garments and textiles the right way. We know which technologies to apply in order to live up to our partners expectations.

Because we make the garments right we also experience low claim rates (CPM < 0.57, red.) and on-time delivery. We have a lot of satisfied customers and users resulting in high repurchase rates. Besides getting the products they want our partners also like that we deliver Danish design manufactured in Europe and the fact that when they buy from us all the right approvals are in place.






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