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Many different surgical procedures have evolved. There are many stakeholders when developing compression garments and both surgeons and users have different requirements for medical compression garments. When choosing a medical garment for compression it is important that the garment is designed especially for the particular surgery. Moreover, the garment needs to both provide accurate compression and feel comfortable at the same time.

At Tytex we are specialists in medical compression garments and we have an outstanding track record for developing garments for some of the biggest brands in the world. With Tytex as your partner you will be able to design, develop, manufacture and bring to market a wide range of medical compression garments perfectly customised for your customers' needs. In cooperation with our many partners we have designed a myriad of products for just as many different clinical indications and we would be proud of assisting you too. 

We can make almost any type of garment your company requires with the level of compression you need, where you need it and we can do this consistently at an industrial scale no matter which sizes your company want and in any quantities you desire.  

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We adhere to and are certified according to the strictest medical requirements

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We create medical garments tailored to your company's reality


At Tytex we help medical garment companies succeed in realizing their potential. We are experts in creating garment and textile solutions which solve your needs. In order to solve our partners business cases we leverage our extensive know how regarding garment and textile manufacturing and we serve both some of the largest brands in the world as well as small operations. We also assist our partners with support activities in order for them to be able to focus on their core competences.


Medical benefits of compression garments

Compression garments have several medical benefits. They can help reduce postsurgical bleeding and swelling, support tender and sore skin, prevent bruising, and aid the overall healing process as well as provide safety throughout the important postoperative mobilization period. By increasing blood flow, compression garments also help to flush harmful fluids out of the body during the recovery phase. Compression garments also provide control of the scar areas and lessen the impact of sudden uncomfortable movements (when for example a patient is sneezing or coughing). This is crucially important during the immediate postsurgical stage. In addition, when a garment is optimally designed it acts as sweat absorber and sweat transporting medium. These qualities provide great comfort for the user as well as offer hygienic benefits. Combined, the advantages of compression garments result in an improved postsurgical outcome, a comfortable recovery and a better looking end result.

Medical compression garments from Tytex


Medical compression garments are designed to provide compression to the surgical site, which is not the case with a standard garment of any kind. After surgery a patient can be in need of a garment that is specially designed to compress the skin for surgical purposes and provides optimal conditions in the crucial recovery phase.

A medical compression garment developed, designed and manufactured by Tytex for our customers is specially designed and carefully crafted to be used with the clinical indication the garment is developed to address. All garments are designed to reduce and alleviate the complications and risks that a surgery can cause.

Unique features

By featuring seamless design all the garments we develop, design and manufacture for our partners help patients avoid wound irritation and general skin irritation or scraping. By incorporating elasticated 4-way stretch the garments will adjust optimally to the users body contours throughout the entire recovery period and seamless knitting ensures maximum comfort. The built-in targeted compression zones provide the patient with the exactly right amount of compression to the surgical site 

at all times and aid in the healing process. Lastly, the fact-based sizing we have developed ensure optimal fit at all times at user level and minimum SKU's brand level.

Working with Tytex

By way of intricate and highly specialised procurement and sourcing processes you are ensured that your garments are only manufactured by highest quality materials. By mixing materials in carefully calculated combinations Tytex also ensures that your garments are optimally designed the clinical indication as well as for patient comfort and price point superiority. When working with Tytex you are also have a partner who is able to offer you garments for any conceivable use situation or clinical indication. We employ a tried, tested and proven stage gate approach which ensures optimal processes, clear communication and rapid time to market. Moreover, the technology used at Tytex's productions facilities allows you to create compression garments with integrated compression zones with varying degrees of compression throughout the garment. Hereby, your company's garment will be able to provide compression for exactly the unique areas critical for the surgical procedure the respective garment is to be use for. For more information on these special features see figure below.


The really unique features of our garments

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The textile will adapt to the body shape at all times ensuring that the product will provide the necessary compression needed for recovery, as well as the best possible comfort at all times during prolonged wear.

Targeted compression
and support

Targeted compression and support means that our partners' products are designed to provide the necessary compression and support exactly where needed. By controlling compression on the scar tissue, the healing process advances faster and patient comfort is heightened. The compression zones are specially designed into each product based on indication.


For optimum healing, the surgery site needs rest. That is why products from Tytex and our partners are designed to guarantee no seams in the wound or scar area and at any other critical sites of the applied area. This provides maximum skin friendliness and prevents pressure marks, as well as irritation of skin and tissue.


When it comes to medical textiles and post-op garments, no size fits all. That is why we base all sizes on three parametres; statistical body knowledge, comfort stretch measurements and extensive knowledge and experience with the combination of knitting methods in different materials. The combination of these 3 parameters ensures perfect fit at all times.

Different types of compression garments customised for any customer need

As many different surgical procedures have evolved, both surgeons and users have different requirements for post-op garments. When choosing a post-surgical garment for compression around a surgically effected area it is important that the garment is appropriate for the particular surgery. That is why customised medical garment assortments from Tytex are always developed especially for the clinical indication it is intended for. Yet, at Tytex your company can also benefit from a wide range of basic designs which can be further developed on to fit the customers' specific garment need and thereby potentially reducing time to market. With us as your company's medical garment and textile partner you can rest assured that we can design, develop and manufacture the appropriate garment for the specific surgery you want to market garments for — be it compression vests for gynecomastia, compression bras for women having undergone cancer operation or compression sleeves for recovery purposes. Each of the medical garments you develop with us will — as already stated — be designed to specifically fit the different indications you want to cover in your medical garment portfolio.


How medical garments can be made to maximise well-being

Postsurgical healing stages can be extremely uncomfortable which makes it even more important to use a garment that provides wound protection and reduces strain on tender skin and minimize postsurgical swelling – hereby resulting in an optimal surgical result as well as patient well-being.

Due to the intricate and state-of-the-art in-house production facilities we 

command, we are able to manufacture compression garments for all body and limb sizes with complex knitting structures and transitional zones which again enable us to manufacture garments with built in targeted compression. 

Due to the seamless design integrated in most products developed and manufactured at Tytex for our partners, our partners' postsurgical compression garments are comfortable and will not aggravate the healing of incisions.

Additional ways of ensuring optimal comfort

By way of additional variables such position of bands and zippers or application of hook & eye and hook & loop closures it is ensured that any necessary appendage is never in contact with the skin. All in all offering superior control for medical garment brand designers and optimal comfort for the patients. All products are Oeko-Tex certified and latex free and a wide range of possibilities exists — e.g. special raw materials mix as well as pre- and post production treatments — in order to make your medical garments optimised for patient comfort.


At Tytex we have more than 50 years' experience in determining the right garment, the right technology, the right design and the right material for our partners medical garment portfolios. We are experts and we love helping brands and end users with realizing their goals as well as maximizing patient wellbeing. 


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How do we calculate the compression level?

All Tytex garments are arranged in a scheme according to the overall compression exerted by each garment. By overall is understood the general compression level of the garment and not the targeted compression exerted in the specific compression zones in the bra.

To calculate the overall compression level of each garment, we measure the properties of the fabric. This measure is made by an axial cut, collecting fabric from the side, including front and back of the garment where the fabric contains most knitting structures and thereby the overall compression level.

To simulate wearing, the fabric is stretched on a testing device, and elongation and force are measured. The results of the measurements are used to calculate modulus of the fabric. By using the law of Laplace, we convert the change that occurs in the modulus, the width and the dimension of the product when it is stretched, to calculate an indicative compression level used to rank every single piece of garment from Tytex.

Overall and targeted compression

All compression garments from Tytex are ranked according to five compression categories: high, firm, intermediate, moderate and light.

This classification makes it easier to choose a garment with the appropriate general compression level based on clinical indication as well as the surgeons’ and nurses’ preferences and advice.

The garments providing light fixation and moderate support serve mainly as support garments, whereas garments with high compression have a high level of general compression.


Important aspect to consider regarding compression 

Compression is used for a purpose. The objective is to reduce the potential adverse effects of a surgical procedure. Therefore, overall compression might not be the optimal objective of a garment. The unique integrated compression zones in compression products from Tytex and our partners' brands are designed and developed to reduce the risk of edema and wound swelling as well as reduce the accumulation of blood and minimize fluid build-up and ultimately promote healing. The objective therefore is to reduce postsurgical complications and support the critical areas for the respective surgery. Each product is carefully designed and crafted with specific compression zones according to the medical indication.


Knitting structures in practice - how we achieve targeted compression

When partnering with Tytex your company has the possibility to tailor your medical garments and textiles with completely unique knitting structures. To clearly illustrate the different knitting structures we use a bra for example. The colors together with the numbers 1-6 indicate the flexibility, i.e. the compression ability of the knitting structures.

The lower the number, the lesser flexibility in the knitting structure, resulting in firm and stable compression zones in the bras when needed. Therefore, firm knitting structures means high compression.

The higher the number, the more flexibility in the knitting structure, enabling the fabric to offer the right support and freedom of movement when needed. This means loose knitting structure for less compression and enhanced flexibility.

Between firm knitting structures and loose knitting structures, we have so-called transitional knitting structures. These are an essential part of each garment as the increase the comfort and aid in creating a smooth body profile.

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