Secure end-to-end supply chain providing you a constant and stable supply


At Tytex you will have access to our in-house logistical team. This highly dedicated and competent team ensures the global procurement, global sourcing and an outbound logistic. The team is experts in general logistics, freight and transportation and is able to support both Tytex and our customers with all required delivery agreements.

Moreover, many years of deep and highly integrated partnerships with quality sub suppliers secures that we always have a steady stream of high quality raw materials. The supply – both raw materials and accessories – is constantly tested and refined to optimise and secure delivery of high quality garments and textiles at exact quantities ordered on at the agreed time.

As time to market is of utmost importance for our customers we are continually working on lead time optimisation and depending on per order volume and supply chain agreement our customers can expect lead times from four to six week.


If you want our assistance with securing you and your company a high performing and stable supply chain please fill out the form on the right and one of our skilled Key Account Managers will contact you quickly.

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We create medical garments tailored to your company's reality


At Tytex we help medical garment companies succeed in realizing their potential. We are experts in creating garment and textile solutions which solve your needs. In order to solve our partners business cases we leverage our extensive know how regarding garment and textile manufacturing and we serve both some of the largest brands in the world as well as small operations. We also assist our partners with support activities in order for them to be able to focus on their core competences.


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Ability to innovate and having a stable supply chain are crucially important factors today

Global demographics are changing, lifestyle patterns are switching and the high prevalence of many types cancer do not seem to be decreasing. With an aging population in most western democracies the number of people having reconstructive surgery or living well into their 90's there is a growing market for special postsurgical garments of any kind as well as garments and textiles providing protection for the elderly. Also the purchasing power of young people has also been on the rise for many years. This is also generating an ever-increasing demand for surgeries in the cosmetic space. More and more possibilities exist and new market innovations in regards to surgical methods as well as technological possibilities are continuously appearing.

A steady stream of innovations calls for constant vigilance and readiness for change

In a market where clinics and hospitals develop rapid surgical advancements and offer a steady stream of innovations like silicone-based seals and where the patients place continuously increasing demands on the health care sector and shifting towards home care services and displaying ever-increasing preferences for products with IOT-features and technology integrated. Suppliers of medical products and accessories need to intelligently cover a wide range of needs, use cases, diagnosis and patient-specific conditions in order to stay competitive. Innovation as well as constant market development is paramount in order to stay competitive in a very regulated, highly competitive and demanding business sector.

Vigilance at Tytex

At Tytex we have more than 50 years experience in working with medical devices. These experiences have left us with effective market surveillance processes — covering FDA, MDD and now MDR compliance — enabling our partners and us to adhere to regulations as well as stay ahead of the market demands and requirements.


Securing supply chain and quality consistency

Due to an ever-increasing demand combined with global instability in supply chains in general we encourage you to consider is your supply chain security and quality consistency. It is of crucial importance never to let your customers down and here your supply chain is a key factor. At Tytex, we develop and produce all our medical textile garments according to EU standards, in EU currencies and with short delivery times. Thanks to our Europe based and highly automated production facilities, our customers benefit not only from a highly skilled work force, but also our ability to keep production costs low. This means a reliable and stable supply chain delivering quality products at the best possible prices.

We have been refining offers for more than five decades

For more than five decades we have developed and refined our product and consultancy offerings. Today, we offer an advanced technological platform supported by a tried and tested process for developing products for any garment and textile solution for body and limbs. We possess extensive knowhow regarding both the manufacturing of textiles but also in regards to satisfying the complex needs of the medical sector and the patients who use the end products. No other medical textiles manufacturer operates this professionally with the four unique parameters that partners are offered by Tytex: 4-way stretch, real seamless, targeted compression and fixation as well as fact-based sizing.


Like no other company Tytex is able to make your medical garments the right way — providing excellent value for money, European production facilities and a possibility of ordering high quality products at low MOQs.


We are very interested in engaging in a further dialogue with you regarding your brand and your business needs. Please contact us should you want us to help you with developing and making products for the ostomy and hernia area.

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