Safehip Active Clas. shield

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The Safehip Active is ideal for hospitalised patients or long-term care residents when mobilised or for training sessions. Also this model can be used in rehabilitation and training centres as well as training venues or at home during the mobilisation phase. 

The Safehip Active is also an indispensable companion when performing household tasks and the model is also ideal for leisure activities such as hiking, walking, cycling etc. 

The Safehip Active can be used over or under normal clothing as desired and is easy to handle for user and care givers.  

The belt is made of breathable AirX® material for superior moist evaporation and increased comfort and the shields are made of soft PE foam. They are biomechanically tested and designed to resist multiple falls.

Indication: For minimizing the risk of hip fractures, in case of a fall.

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