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Lightweight stretch support garment with a fold-over leg bag sleeve for safe retention of urinary bags.

This product is specially designed to fixate a urine leg bag, without impeding appearance. The weight of a full leg bag is supported by the whole product. This way, the tension required to hold a bag in place is distributed evenly around the leg, rather than being concentrated in two narrow rings at the top and the bottom of the bag. This design not only reduces the risk of any constriction or pressure sores, but also prevents the bag from moving around and helps to dampen any undesired sounds, thus providing discretion. 

For fixation of urinary leg bags. LeggyFix must be folded up, thereby providing a pocket for the urine bag. When LeggyFix is folded, the slit at the bottom will appear, and the valve of urine bags with bottom tap opening can be pulled through. 

Tension is distributed evenly around the leg.
With bottom drainage opening.

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